About TinBug


What is TinBug?

Founded by Chris Nierhaus in 2001, TinBug Design Studios is a Michigan-based creative agency that designs graphics, websites, logos, marketing materials, and social network interaction with over 15 years of passion and technology.

Dear Potential Client,

“Your company is like your own child. You’ve conceived it, nurtured it, made it grow, and it has become your life’s purpose. It didn’t happen overnight, so don’t let your brand look like it, with a cheap generic logo, weak website, and canned marketing materials. Your potential customers can tell.
Maybe you don’t know how to make it look or feel world class, even though all of your passion is in it. You’re not alone. It happens to businesses everywhere.
We are passionate about how your business looks to your customers. We have a mission to make you look good and your customers comfortable and confident to do business with you.
Let us create a brand that your customers will love!”